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Garden Decor
19 July 2024

Decorate Your Garden The Right Way!

Whether you have a spacious lawn or a compact balcony, the right decor can transform your outdoor space into a personal oasis. At Charles Bentley, we offer a wide range of garden accessories designed to enhance every aspect of your garden, providing aesthetic appeal and practical functionality.

BBQ Spot
21 June 2024

Create Your Perfect BBQ Spot with Charles Bentley!

Create the perfect BBQ spot in your garden with our excellent range of garden products for your summer checklist. Read our tips and tricks for creating a beautiful garden space. 

Garden Furniture
31 May 2024

Our Top Garden Furniture Picks For Summer 2024!

Transforming your garden into a serene and stylish retreat is easier than you might think with some Charles Bentley charm. Today, we’ll explore our three standout garden furniture pieces: the FSC® Certified Wooden Furniture Oval Table, the Extra-Large Garden Hammock with Wooden Arc Stand, and the Egg-Shaped Rattan Swing Chair. Each of these items brings unique features and materials to elevate your outdoor space. 

Garden Furniture
24 May 2024

Charles Bentley Win 2024 Best Overall Garden Furniture Store Of The Year!

We're celebrating being named by the Telegraph as the Best Overall Garden Furniture Store of the Year for 2024. This provides our dedicated team, who go above and beyond daily to deliver the best products and service for all our customers. 

17 May 2024

Charcoal vs. Gas BBQs: Choosing The Perfect Grill For Your Euros Party

In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve deep into the world of charcoal and gas BBQs to help you make an informed decision and ensure that your Euros party is a sizzling success.

Create a little festive magic this Christmas
27 October 2021

Create a little festive magic this Christmas

Why are ‘firsts’ so memorable? Your first crush. Your first best friend. Your first you remember yours? Firsts are irreplaceable, and this year, as a nation, we approach our first post-lockdown Christmas with a shared need for togetherness. Here at Charles Bentley, we’ve done something extra special to help you make this Christmas even better. We’re giddy with pr...

Niche Business award
27 September 2021

Family Businesses of the Year Award Winner

There are over five million family businesses that make up 87.6% of companies in the UK and we’re proud to represent them.   [one-half-first]The PR Team sat down with our Head of Marketing, Kelechi Okereke.   We were the proud winners of the Family Business of the Year award winner at the Niche Business Awards 2021. “Being competitive, we wanted to win the Family ...

DIY Award
22 July 2021

DIY Week Retailer Support Initiative Award Winner

Over the years, we have continued to re-invent ourselves, and we’re now a multi-million-pound company able to source products across the globe. From an easy-to-use online service to great prices and speedy delivery, we want to exceed the expectations of our shoppers and Retail Partners at every opportunity. With a friendly UK-based customer service team, we ar...

Turn on the fun with 3 facts to help perfect your Summer Garden
21 July 2021

Turn on the fun with 3 facts to help perfect your Summer Garden

Isn’t it wonderful how small details, like colour, influence our mood? Is it a coincidence, for example, that many of us stroll through nature to clear our heads? Apparently not, because green is the colour of balance and stability, according to popular colour psychology. During lockdown, we’ve all experienced living imbalances, so it’s no surprise that our craving for that serene gree...

20 July 2021

Leicester Children's Hospital

In 2020 we lived through unprecedented times. The COVID-19 pandemic prompted a lot of us to review how we were living our lives and running our businesses, as well as pushing us to appreciate things which we previously took for granted. During this time, when orders were increasing and social distancing measures meant we needed to find new ways of working, we at Charles Bentley reflected on th...