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Create a little festive magic this Christmas

Create a little festive magic this Christmas
27 October 2021

Create a little festive magic this Christmas



Why are ‘firsts’ so memorable? Your first crush. Your first best friend. Your first you remember yours?

Firsts are irreplaceable, and this year, as a nation, we approach our first post-lockdown Christmas with a shared need for togetherness.

Here at Charles Bentley, we’ve done something extra special to help you make this Christmas even better.

We’re giddy with pride as British homes welcome our NEW, beautifully detailed Christmas decorations into their living spaces for the first time. Our debut Christmas collection boasts head-turning baubles, lights, trees and accessories — and we have 160 years’ of home furnishing excellence to thank for their instantly appealing style.

To help you experience unforgettable memories this Christmas, let us guide you through our four expertly designed collections. Choose from Scandi, Art Deco, Traditional and Industrial. Each brings unique qualities to a home interior, but which is right for you?



1: SCANDI - for minimalist interiors 



Inspired by the snow-topped glaciers of Norway, our Scandi range is unassuming in its beauty. Crisp, clean and sleek, the monochrome colour palette suits minimalist homes perfectly, bringing a decorative delicacy to uncluttered spaces.

See how our gorgeous ‘frosted flake’ glass bauble set captures the signature chill of Christmas. Blending piercing white with iced silver, this understated set brings quiet style and character to a home.

Visually effortless, our Scandi range reflects the natural beauty of the Nordic outdoors, meaning each decoration blends seamlessly with existing interior design elements.

Contemporary, modern and aspirational, surrender to the purity of Scandi.


2: ART DECO - for elegant interiors 



Oozing luxury, our Art Deco Christmas decorations are the embodiment of glamour. Opulent and bold, the premium colour palette is ideally suited to elegant interiors, bringing prestige and exuberance to a space.

Inspired by the early 20th century design movement that remains popular to this day, note the confident geometric lines of our five-pointed star, bringing a real sense of majesty to a home. Boasting our most intricate design, see how the sweeping glass lines of the leaf-tipped ballet bauble combined with its burnt amber hue give it a sumptuous, premium look.

Unapologetically exuberant, our Art Deco Christmas range is the ultimate expression of decadence.


3: TRADITIONAL - for homely interiors



Comforting and cosy, our Traditional Christmas decorations unlock magical memories of wonder. Bathing the home in a rich festive glow, the cranberry red and flame gold colour palette stir feelings of warmth, togetherness and joy.

See how our outdoor reindeer lamp combines modern craft with cherished tradition. An enchanting focal point, it draws visitors into a home with a welcoming burst of decorative light. Elsewhere inside the home, introduce subtle warmth to any space with our charming snowball string lights, gorgeously tactile, with a natural matte finish.

For an unmistakably magic Christmas, consider our Traditional range.


4: INDUSTRIAL - For stripped back interiors 



Functional and muscular, our Industrial range is defined by its utilitarian character. Unfussy and stripped-back, this range best suits open plan, loft-style spaces.

Characterised by a neutral black and gold colour palette, this range compliments wood, timber and metal interiors perfectly, honouring the early 20th century warehouses and factories that inspired the industrial movement. See how exposed filaments give our outdoor festoon lights a robust aesthetic, echoing the no-nonsense character of heavy industry.

Our glass liquorice and gold baubles are the standout feature of this range, a statement decoration that defies tradition and injects striking modernity into a home.

Proudly individual, our Industrial Christmas decorations are the epitome of relaxed styling.




Once you've decided which of our four collections is perfect for your home interior, only three essentials remain:


Essential 1:  The Christmas tree


With three tempting sizes to choose from, at Charles Bentley, there’s a surprisingly realistic faux Christmas tree for every home. Perfect for low ceilings, our 6 ft tree is neat and portable, while our 7 ft tree is a classic size that looks gorgeous under standard 8 to 9 ft ceilings. For rooms with high ceilings and extra space, make a grand statement with our kingly 8 ft tree. We even cater for narrow spaces with our handsome 7 ft slimline tree that brings festive life to tight spaces.

All our Christmas trees are available either naked or pre-lit, giving you complete control over your decorative input. *Excluding our slimline tree, which comes naked only.


Essential 2: The Christmas garland & wreaths

With luscious foliage, our faux wreaths and garlands are a must-have Christmas decoration, bringing a comforting flourish to a home. Pre-lit for convenience, these festive favourites bring an instant feeling of magic and wonder to a home.


Essential 3: The Christmas door mats

Stylised or authentic, there’s a welcoming Christmas mat for every home. For a traditional Christmas doorway, consider our cranberry red or soot black mat, finished with a charming italicised ‘Merry Christmas’ greeting. Alternatively, for an understated Christmas doorway, consider our chic reindeer mats, featuring charmingly stylised festive graphics.


A final thought from everyone at Charles Bentley…

It seems strange to say this, but remember, no handsome tree, shapely bauble or twinkly light can compare to moments shared with the people you love — so however you spend this Christmas, cherish every one of your relationships, because just like your first snowman, your relationships are irreplaceable.


Merry Christmas,

The Charles Bentley Family x 



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